A clean future is just below your feet QHeat is a Finnish technology company that develops geothermal technology and drills medium-deep heat wells. QHeat’s unique medium-deep geothermal solution offers a nearly emission-free way to heat and cool our cities in the future. Clean thermal energy makes it possible to achieve your climate goals.

Our technology has been tested and safeguarded in cooperation with Finnish experts and
universities. We made Finland’s first functioning geothermal plant in Espoo in January 2020 and
have several new projects underway.

With QHeat’s technology and drilling equipment, it is possible to drill approximately 2,000-metre deep
geothermal wells, enabling the thermal energy of the ground to be used for heating and
cooling. The medium deep QHeat wells are also suitable for energy storage: heat can be stored in
the summer and used during the heating season. This way, seasonal energy fluctuations can be
evened out.
A next-generation energy company, QHeat offers its customers the opportunity to move into the
new energy era on a turnkey basis.

A clean future is just below your feet.



  • Carbon footprint reduced by 95%
  • Geothermal energy self-sufficiency and energy price predictability
  • Affordable financing
  • Increase in real estate value
  • Compliance with the EU taxonomy

For real estate developers

  • Planning and maintenance of the energy system covered by the service
  • An emission-free energy system makes the property more attractive and speeds up the sales time
  • Affordable financing or service model; does not increase investment costs
  • Compliance with the EU taxonomy


  • Possibility of energy storage
  • Heat production emissions reduced by up to 95%
  • Significant savings on energy costs
  • Compliance with the EU taxonomy
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