Our Story

We have outrun our natural resources and heated our homes by burning coal and oil together with our future. The skylines of our cities are distorted by mountains of coal, which by the new legislation we should get rid of in ten years. Thus, innovative technologies are desperately needed to meet these goals.

Recently, the threat of climate change and the IPCC report published in 2018 have started a disruption in the energy market. Goals defined in the Paris agreement and those set by individual countries have launched a megatrend to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. Therefore, a flexibility component capable of short and long term energy storage techniques are much needed to support cyclic renewable energy production.

QHeat was established to this market space by Rami Niemi (CTO) and Miska Eriksson (CEO) in summer 2018. During the winter the core team was strengthened and presently we are a team of six. We complete our capabilities and qualities in a very interdisciplinary manner and we all work passionately for carbon-neutral future. Our mission is to speed up the transition towards clean energy in our societies. We are developing medium-deep heat wells for emissionless energy concept together with Finnish professionals and universities.

We have actively protected our innovations. QHeat offers a completely clean and emissionless way of heating our cities in the future.

It is time to clean the mess.


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Sales and Marketing

Erika Salmenvaara


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Project Manager

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