Start-up QHeat specializes in geothermal energy

Quantitative Heat Oy, also known as QHeat, is a Finnish start-up specializing in geothermal energy. QHeat has developed a unique solution for medium-deep heat wells. Our team is working for a carbon-neutral future and executes technology and solutions which are needed to produce geothermal energy. 

About a fifth of Finland’s carbon dioxide emissions comes from heating. QHeat’s solution designed for medium-deep heat wells combats climate change and is an almost emission-free energy production method, which is especially suitable for large property masses. With deep heat, emissions from heating buildings can be reduced by up to 95 percent compared to fossil fuels.

The technology developed by QHeat is protected and tested in cooperation with Finnish experts and universities. QHeat implemented Finland’s first functioning geothermal plant in Espoo in January 2020, and the company has several projects underway and planned in Finland. 

QHeat currently operates on the Finnish market. 

QHeat story 

Rami Niemi (CTO) and Miska Eriksson founded Quantitative Heat Oy in the summer of 2018, because there was an urgent need for renewable energy solutions. During the same year, patents were also applied for a heat well based on coaxial flow, which enables the utilization of energy from deep in the ground. 

In 2019, the pilot was implemented in Koskelo, Espoo, where Finland’s first geothermal heating plant has been operating since January 2020. 

QHeat’s tight-knit team consists of professionals passionately working for a carbon-neutral future. The team has grown and strengthened over the years, and QHeat has especially invested in the recruitment of professionals of designing and contracting geothermal heating plants. However, the purpose is not to grow just by drilling wells by ourselves. QHeat is looking for partnerships so that geothermal technology can be utilized more quickly, and the industry actively developed. 

Our mission is to accelerate the climate goals of built environment with clean heating energy. 


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