QHeat Concept

QHeat concept combines several components of the circular energy economy innovatively to provide a competitive and climate-friendly alternative.

Nearly emission-free energy

QHeat concept provides a sustainable and nearly emission-free solution for our most urgent problem – the use of fossil fuels and other non-ecological energy sources. QHeat produces renewable geothermal energy with innovative technology. This allows utilisation of geothermal energy for heating and also the return of energy to the bedrock when it is commercially feasible. The technology is well suited for building dense city areas as one medium-deep heat well can be used to heat and cool a whole city block.

Towards a more flexible energy market

Not only as an answer for preventing climate change QHeat’s technology provides a concrete answer to the challenges of the changing energy market. Along with heating and cooling, approx. 2000 meter deep heat wells can also be used as seasonal energy storages. QHeat’s technology allows 95 % reduction in CO2-emissions and provides an opportunity towards a more flexible energy market.

How does QHeat work?

QHeat concept is more than traditional ground heat. Most importantly QHeat concept’s geothermal heat wells are much deeper – they reach the depths of 2000-3000 meters. Temperatures at this depth are significantly higher and thus much more energy can be produced.

Also, the heat well technology is more advanced allowing efficient heating, cooling and seasonal energy storage. QHeat concept as its energy production mode is local and distributed i.e. we can construct local low-temperature energy networks. This also allows lower temperature utilisation in individual buildings as well as energy exchange between the buildings in the energy networks.

geothermal energy

Energy storage

During the heating phase using medium-deep geothermal wells the bedrock cools gradually. On the other hand, during cooling phase energy is brought down to the bottom of the heat well where this energy recharges the energy gap generated during the heating phase. This energy can be used again during the next heating phase. This energy charging deep into the bedrock can be done whenever energy is cost effectively available e.g. during summer when solar and wind power are excessively available. Similarly, several waste energy sources can be combined and stored into the heat well. This enables efficient circular energy economy.


Competitive and nearly emission free

QHeat’s medium-deep heat wells allow up to 95 % reductions in real estate heating emissions compared to traditional district heating. This is highly important for meeting the ambitious climate strategy goals as heating is one of the biggest CO2-emission sources.

Perfect energy for dense urban centers

Due to the higher temperatures and the collector technology, one QHeat heat well equals roughly 40 traditional ground heat units. This solves the problem regarding space requirements in dense city areas.

Seasonal storage and productive waste energy

QHeat concept allows also seasonal energy storage utilising e.g. local waste energy sources and times when renewable energy sources are abundantly available. Thus, solar and wind energies can be utilised to their full potential.

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