Finland’s third geothermal heating well over 1 000 meters deep completed in Finnoo

A step taken towards Finland’s first geothermal district heating network.

In Finnoo’s Djupsundsbäcken, inexhaustible geothermal energy from a depth of 1 500 meters will soon be used for heating. When completed, the geothermal district heating network, which is being built in cooperation between QHeat and Avara and TA-Asunnot Oy, will provide heating energy for six apartment buildings with a total floor area of 14 000 square meters.

“The first heating well of the Finnoo project was drilled to a depth of 1,500 meters during the summer, and the heat transfer piping has also been installed. The heating was moved to Finnoo in July and is now connected to the heating network. Commissioning is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks,” reports Simo Laitinen, Project Manager at QHeat.

The Finnoo heat well is the third geothermal heat well of QHeat to be drilled to a depth of more than 1 000 meters. The Finnoo well is the second deepest geothermal well to be commissioned in Finland. In Salo, QHeat has drilled a 1 600-metre deep geothermal well for Lounavoima Oy.

According to Laitinen, each geothermal well is a masterpiece, which has required a great deal of expertise and a keen sense of the well’s progress.

“Even at a depth of 500 meters, there is very little accurate information on the progress of the drilling, and the challenge factor increases significantly when going to depths of more than a kilometer. The challenge is to obtain information on deep bedrock sinkhole drilling, but QHeat has developed data collection methods to improve and refine the snapshot,” says Laitinen.

In Finnoo and Niittykumpu, QHeat has been working in a densely built, residential environment, which has brought additional challenges to the well drilling sites.

“There are a huge number of variables and issues to consider when drilling concentrated geothermal wells. Therefore, it is as much about project management and production economics as it is about developing and applying cutting-edge drilling technology,” adds Rami Niemi, CTO of QHeat.

When completed, the Finnoo geothermal wells will produce a total of 1 900 MWh of energy per year.

“When all of QHeat’s geothermal wells are completed in Finnoo, the amount of purchased energy in the six apartment buildings in Djupsundsbäcken will be reduced by a quarter, and the climate emissions from heating will be reduced by 90% compared to district heating, calculated according to the specific emissions of Finnish electricity production,” says Niemi.