The deepest geothermal heat well in Finland is 1600 m deep

At Lounavoima, climate values and sustainably produced energy guide all operations. QHeat’s heat well reduces energy waste and cuts the use of fossil fuels. In 2021, the deepest heat well in Finland was built for Lounavoima Oy. The depth of the heat well is 1600 meters and it will be connected to the heating plant as a seasonal storage facility.

The project continues in 2023 and the final target is to complete 6 deep geothermal heat wells to provide clean heating energy to the district heat network.

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CustomerLounavoima Oy
ContractorQuantitative Heat Oy
ConceptSeasonal storage for district heating plant
Heat wells1 completed, total goal of 6 pcs
Completion2021, project continues 2023