Geothermal seasonal storage for a district heating company

Vantaan Energia’s goal is to phase out the use of fossil fuels in energy production as early as 2026. In order to achieve this goal, a variety of solutions are needed, of which the geothermal heat plant is one.

With the help of a geothermal heat well, the water heated in the bedrock is brought to the surface, from where the heat is transferred directly to the Vantaa district heating network after the heat pump. The geothermal heat plant provides geothermal heat to all customers of Vantaan Energia.

CustomerVantaan Energia Oy
ContractorQuantitative Heat Oy
ConceptSeasonal storage for district heating plant
Required power500kW 12h power, 300 kW continuous power
Heat wells4 pcs
CompletionJanuary 2023