Vantaan Energia’s goal is to phase out the use of fossil fuels in energy production as early as 2026. In order to achieve this goal, a variety […]


In 2021, the deepest heat well in Finland was built for Lounavoima Oy. The depth of the heat well is 1600 meters and it will be connected […]


A geothermal heating solution will be built at the Niittykumpu site for the needs of the residential block. Three 1,500-meter-deep geothermal heat wells are being drilled to […]

Finland’s first geothermal energy storage in Espoo

The first operating geothermal well in Finland, built at NREP Logicenters’ property in Koskelo, Espoo, is 1,300 meters deep – about a kilometer deeper than ordinary geothermal […]

Peijinkatu 8 – Finland’s first low temperature geothermal heating network

The geothermal low temperature heating network of Finnoon Syvälämpö Oy, founded by Avara Oy and TA-Asunnot Oy, is under construction in Espoo. When completed, six apartment buildings […]